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Just wantedto thank everyone for the advice. I am currently up in the mountains and today marked my third day on the slopes.

Conditions for Colorado have been horrendous this year so I wasn't expecting much and sure enough when we arrived. I took the beginning level full day group lesson on the first day and was fortunate enough to have only 3 others in my group. We stayed on the bunny hill all day, practicing heel side before lunch and toe side afterward. Needless to say, it was a learning experience. I fell getting off the lift the first time and the icy patches all over the hill contributed to some tailbone and shouderblade soreness. But at the end of the day, I felt that I had progressed quite a bit to be able to go down without falling!

My second day I decided to go it alone and try my luck on some greens. I spent the next few hours busting my ass and being thankful that I had went into town and bought knee pads the day before! While i was able to traverse across the mountain,I really had no control in my turns and found myself untangling myself from the netting at the side of the trails on more than one occasion. I met up with my brother later that day and tried again but with the same result. I had no confidence being able to stop and be able to dodge the people around me. (if someone were close, i would usually wipe out ) After taking a nasty fall and straining my neck, I decided to call it early and left to nurse my injuries... I wasn't sure if i would be on the mountain again the next day.

But i did, and the third day I took the second full day group lesson which was "Introductions to Turns". I was very fortunate to have only 1 other person in my group and the more individual attention was great. The instructor critiqued my form and offered plenty of advice (such as keeping the hips facing up the hill for more control and getting low to initiate turns and then straightening up to pull weight off the board to help transition) We did all the green runs I had tried the day before and the results were night and day... there were still a couple falls but less and less. I was switching from heel side to toe side on every traverse and the increased control I had in the turns and in being able to stop was amazing! By the end of the day, we were going down the greens confidently and even went down a couple easy blues without falls. It was slushy out there, but i had an amazing time out there on the slopes.

I'm still debating on the next step... if I did another lesson it would be to learn how to carve but part of me just wants to see if I can replicate what i did that third day by going up solo. Regardless, I think I'm hooked... can't wait to try to plan another trip
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