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Originally Posted by Sassicaia View Post
If you're like me then you have mastered the art of "working" from the hill. Yesterday while boarding I made 4 calls, and had 2 conference calls while on the slopes. One call i did entirely while literally going down the hill at the same time. It was my goal this year to spend as much time working on the hill as possible and I killed that goal.

These things made it so much easier. I typically have music going while boarding alone, and dont like the quality of nearly every mainstream earbud on the market. I like to experience the music as much as hear it. I have 3000 songs on itunes and not a single one is a compressed download from itunes. Everything is lossless. There are a few earbuds that are "good" and even a couple great ones, but non of them stayed on my ear well while boarding, and all of them got uncomfortable after a while. In addition none of the good or great ones also acted as a phone/ear piece. If you have ever tried B&O phone products before then you know when on the call it sounds like the person is in the same room as you. Thats amplified even more with these because of the stereo effect. They function much like the earphones that come with the iphone, but the audio quality is excellent, they dont feel like you are wearing anything, never come out and best part is they are VERY good at canceling out background noise which for me working from the hill is a must.

Just thought id share in case there was anyone else like me looking for a similar solution.

EarSet 3i - Bang & Olufsen
The B&O headset is not bad. I have been using the Earphones for years for sports because, as you say, they really stay in your ears very well even when running, etc.
Sound quality is a bit dodgy because just like most other 'lifestyle' electronic brands (Bose, Nakamichi, etc.) B&O goes for a pleasant but colored sound, rather neutral/accurate sound reproduction. More an issue for music than phone calls, though.
Other thing I do not like about them is the cheap cable that tangles quite easily (less of a problem for boarding than other sports, though).

However, not sure why you say that they are "good at canceling out background noise" - they are 'open' earphones, which are meant to let outside sounds through, not cancel/block them. Or did you mean the microphone for making calls is cancelling/not picking up background noise?

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