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Default Pakistan Avalanche

As much as you guys all think I'm a troll from the Riding a 181 thread, I figure someone on here will find this interesting.

News from The Associated Press

Avalanche buried approximately 100 Pakistani Army troops. They're working to get them out.

Someone else can read into this significantly better than I can, I'm sure. So you all feel free to discuss from your more informed point of view.

EDIT: I realize how that first line would lead to both feelings of insult and discussion of that board here.
First, I didn't mean to offend, simply I find it interesting that there was such backlash. In any case, believe what you want to believe, I'll get pics up as soon as school's out.
Secondly, if you really have to talk about the 181 and all the related fallout, do it here.

It's on the AP, Reuters, and the BBC.

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