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Originally Posted by mixie View Post

Yes, he went back after lunch - around 1:00 and he just wasn't use to how steep it is and since then he has increased his forward lean but hasn't been back. Yes, when he fell he said he slid about halfway down and then finally figured out how to dig his board in and he pushed and stood right up only to fall on the next turn. And to think he went back and tried that 3 more times! lol

We've ordered him a new board like my Rossi Diva Magtek and think it may work better on the Wall for next year - we shall see! lol

I like Ego Trip - the bottom on it is a diamond, but I just HATE that chairlift exit. The exits I hate don't really have a flat area for you to rest your board on and stand up - they all just drop off the minute the chair lift is there and I need time to adjust before zipping down the drop off. Skis - I had no problem, but on the snowboard I just have problems with those chairlifts that launch you down the exit right away. I stress the whole ride up on the chairlift about falling - and those lifts are slow! lol So lot's of built up stress only to go 3 minutes down the mountain to be stressed all over again with the chairlift!

I like the blue runs on the left of the mountain - but again, hate those chairlift exits!!!

But with this newer board it may be different - I will try again next year and see how it goes.

Im like your husband. I will keep trying something until I just hurt too much to keep going. Then I go have a drink or two and try again I think getting him a board with magnetraction will help him lots. I'm amazed at how well it works, or perhaps it was just my old board was that bad.

Getting off the lifts is 99% mental. If you tell yourself you are going to're going to fall. So stop that stressing stuff, it's not gonna help you. Visualize yourself gliding right off that thing. Tell yourself "I am gonna get off this chair and just riiiiiiiiiiiiiiiide on down"

I'm short, not even 5 foot tall and when I ride a quad with skiers I always wait for them to unload first. So lifts that have steep ramps like that I often have to drop off the chair, my board won't even touch the snow if my ass is still on the chair. Just pretend that it's flat and hold on the to chair when you stand up to steady yourself. When you feel like you're balanced let go of the chair. Just like riding, weight forward.

Also, play with where you keep your unstrapped foot. I've found it's much easier to steer if I put my back food in the middle of the bindings. On my old cambered board it was better with the right foot pressed against back binding.
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