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Your welcome! I have no desire to go fast - unless I'm in a car! Something about being confined in something metal I have no problem with, falling at a high speed with the possibility of breaking something or getting hurt at 52 - I have a problem with that! lol

My goal was to snowboard like I was just taking a leasurely walk, heelside, toeside and get down the mountain is enough for me. But the steeper runs - well, let's just say those aren't "leasure" runs! lol They take work and my knee is living proof of that! lol

My second year I have struggled as I started off the year with some Flow NXT AT step in bindings and I could never dial them in. No matter what I tried I felt like I could not turn the board heelside or toeside without feeling like I was going to fall. Yet, I didn't give up and kept thinking it would get better - NOT! It was like I was going backwards in my learning. Finally after 2 months my husband told me to put my old bindings back on - which I did and then I felt like I was back to where I ended the first season. However, then I decided to try a wider stance and that is when the knee problem started up and I still couldn't progress. I suffered the next two months with this pain behind my knee. Then I finally decided about three weeks ago to narrow my stance which was better, but I still hadn't dialed in my angles and was wondering if a different board would help my toeside turns engaging and WOW what a difference! Now that I FINALLY have my stance and angle and board dialed in, the season is over -

So, I can't wait until next year because I feel like this was a wasted year for me - just haven't progressed as fast as I thought I should. Time will tell!
I learned to snowboard at 50! woo hoo!
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