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Originally Posted by CheeseForSteeze View Post
I rode a Hero and Blunt this year. Both were soft enough to learn how to press and butter pretty easily though I'd definitely pick the Hero. Any reason you have to have a burton?
Only reason for Burton is the price I will be able to get. Partner can get a sweet staff discount. We both don't need a board but if we can get it cheap then why not

One thing that may play a factor is the hole pattern. I just noticed the Blunt uses a diamond pattern. This means I can use my Rome 390s and my partner can use her Burton Scribes right? The other boards use ICS which means I would need new bindings which is something I would like to avoid.

So now my choice is Burton Blunt because:
Soft park board
Possibly compatible with both our bindings

The next issue is that the boards that we can get a deal on might be the 2013 range which I know even less about. Are they still doing the blunt with a hole pattern?

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