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Originally Posted by Wiredsport View Post

There are a LOT of fun designs for what you are describing. Rocker boards and flat-rock boards are both great profiles for soft play boards as well. They will fight you a bit on the freeride / hard snow side of things. RCR is a great option for the middle ground. Did you have your eyes on any specific models or brands?
I understand that a soft longitudinal and torsional flex for a park board is a big compromise in edge grip and stability for big mountain and freeriding. Therefore, I don’t expect an impressive performance like my megalight but I would be glad to see that it is capable to handle mountain pretty ok. I would like your opinion RCR’s performance compared to CRCs in tricks…

As I said before, I’m planning to use this board for mainly for park, aerial and surface tricks and partly hit the features on mountain and tree runs. I had chance to ride with horrorscope and skate banana on groomers before but no idea about their performance on off-piste.

I don’t have any specific model or brand in my mind but I can give a list of boards I have checked…

*Neversummer Evo
*Neversummer Proto
*Rome Reverb
*Rome Factory
*Yes Jackpot
*Gnu Carbon Credit
*Gnu Parkpickle
*Capita Ultrafear
*Bataleon Evil Twin
*DC Ply
*Salomon Riot
*Libtech Banana Magic

You may add others that I forgot to include in the list. Thank you for helping me...
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