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Originally Posted by <<AnGeLu$>> View Post
Only usps shipping is detailed, no mention about taxes, so I think maybe can be charged when she receive it right??
My question: how is the higher % they can charge you????? 8,5%???. the whole order is 220 CAD$. Thanks!!!!
You need to ask Argentina customs.

In most countries, sales to foreign countries are tax-free by the selling country. Ie An Argentinian buying online from the US. There is no US tax for this sale. There probably is Argentinian tax and maybe duties to be paid on bringing in foreign goods.

In Canada, for example, you pay the sales tax that you would normally have paid if you bought goods in Canada (13% in a lot of provinces). In addition, you may have to pay duty depending on the type of goods and the country of origin. In addition, you may have to pay a brokerage fee to the shipping company who basically fronts the taxes owing to Argentinian customs on your behalf. The shipping companies also get you twice by charging really high international shipping charges.

The cheapest (legal) ways to avoid a lot of these costs is to either: a) go to the US, buy the stuff and bring back yourself. Your country might give tax exemptions if you're out of the country long enough or if the value of the stuff is below a certain limit. Even if you have to pay tax and duty, at least you're saving the brokerage fee and the shipping charges or b) get it shipped by mail (USPS) Their shipping charges are much lower and the receiving postal service generally charges a pretty low brokerage fee (Canada Post charges about $5) You still have to pay the tax/duty and the mail can be slow, but usually not too bad.

I find on this forum, that a lot of people confuse taxes, duty and brokerage. Very few things (if any) are tax free, but quite a lot are duty-free (but you still pay tax). Brokerage fees have nothing to do with either, they're charged by the shipping company and they can set their own rates. Border guards may or may not do anything, it's their individual call.

In Canada, at least, you're paying taxes, extra for shipping, extra for brokerage fees. Add those all up and you need to find a pretty good deal in the US to make it worth your while. But, there are a lot of pretty good deals, particularly on car parts, some snowboarding gear, some electronics, some clothing, etc. You just need to do the math.

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