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Default Nose piercing in the snow.

Recently got accepted for a position being a lifty at perisher blue (australia)

absolutely stoked but I have one question,

I have just gotten my nose pierced 2 months ago with the intention of taking it out if I were to go to the snow, now that I've fallen in love with it I really don't want to take it out. I'm thinking of getting a stud because a ring will get too cold but still, the steel will be freezing my flesh from the inside out

Has anyone come across this before? and know any ways to keep it warm enough so I don't get frostbite on my nose because of it. Obviously balaclava is a good choice and I was thinking of changing it to a stud to make it easier to keep track of and then putting my ring back in when I want to go out for drinks or w/e, although I have a feeling in a long day of working say 10 hours it could seal back up and piercing something through scar tissue is not pleasant....

thanks for your input?

ps. is anyone else going to perisher? xD
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