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Absolutely nothing to do with boarding

Here's the story, we have some douche bag neighbors that moved in behind us. They have a house full of cats that get out all of the time. Our 'hood is slightly upscale and has leash laws, basically you can't let your animals roam all over.
Unfortunately one of their cats decided to take a piss in the passenger seat of my Lotus Elise when it was parked in the garage...saw the little fucker and shot him with a BB bad I didn't kill it.

Told the neighbors about it and let then know if it needed replacing, it would cost them 1400 buck from Lotus, however I was willing to be cool about it and just have them get it cleaned. No apology or anything..more like I was bothering them. Long story short, they took the seat in and got it cleaned, I then bolted it back into the car. All in all, I had about 4 hours of my time in it. When I went over to get my seat the "Mom" asked me if it were possible to keep the convertible top on my car or keep our garage door down...WTF so that this didn;t happen again. Yeah right...

So, I continue to see their fucking cat in my yard to which I let them know about. Finally, I sent them a final e-mail to let them know that if I see it again, I will contact animal control or the authorities to deal with it since I have warned them plenty and their cat is not my responsibility. I figure with e-mail, I have a record of the incidents if the cat pisses in the car and I need to take them to small claims in the future. Once they found out how much the seat was, they tried to deny it was their cat. The same cat likes to shit in everyone's landscaping as well.

Fast forward a few months to last weekend. My wife and her soccer mom friends are having a birthday party for my 5 year old daughter. Over runs their dog only to jump on a five year old girl, knocking her down. Then the dog jumps into a car seat that a few minutes before was holding a baby. The dog is a 30-40 lb. labrador pup.

My wife told me about this when I got home ad I have to admit, I was pissed...Unfortunately, I have always had a short fuse and don't always behave rationally, especially once the adrenaline starts pumping. Rather than knock on their door, I called the cops and asked them to pay a visit. I also asked the police office, who was pretty cool to NOT stroke them a ticket, but to just give them a warning. He was fine with this request. I figured maybe this would work since they have not been receptive to at least 5 other e-mails about their animals. Now a bunch of the neighbors are pissed at me for calling the cops. Unfortunately, they only are hearing the neighbors side of the story and are unaware of their cat pissing in my seat.

Am I the dick here??? Typically, I would much rather get in someone's face or rip them a new ass, but am mellowing in my older age : ) ...probably a good thing. I don't know why I even care other than the fact that I can't stand finger pointing. My motto has always been, if you don't know the facts, then you don't have an opinion.

So question is I the one being the dick here...was calling the cops too drastic? Feel free to flame me if needed

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