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Originally Posted by HoboMaster View Post
I bought it with an Amazon gift-card I got for my birthday, so a digital copy wasn't really an option. It is really strange how they decided to launch it - if they're not going to put content on disks, why the hell are they even selling physical copies? They could have successfully initiated the first all-digital release of a videogame. It seems like the far-future of game sales is going to shift away from retail anyways.

Either way, I'm still pretty excited. I'm fine with getting Blizzard games a few days late because the first few days are a clusterfuck anyways with launch bugs. I'll just bring my tower to a friend's house in town and let it download.
League of Legends is probably the most widespread title to date that was released all electronically. I'm not aware of any physical retail distribution of the game. Of course, this jives with its subscription-less payment model.

Anyway, I am too excited about the prospect of cutting out electronic retailers and distributors and going with online distribution. Someone made a point that this removes revenue for electronics retailers but what do those retailers really add of value to the product that justifies them existing? Nothing, it just makes the product more expensive. Making games cheaper upon release is a good thing.

This model has allowed microdevelopers to come into existence and start to thrive. $1-10 games with amazing content coming from small, 1 to 5 man game studios are available on Steam now that the retail market would have destroyed because of the way physical retail distribution and retail works now are available on mobile and pc desktop platforms. I bought a game called "Limbo" for $3 which had about 2-3 hours of content and probably was more creative and had better thought out gameplay than the turds that used to retail for $50 that were nothing more than unoriginal, rehashed Quake clones in the mid to late 90's. These developers can sell these games at this cost without worrying about having a big publisher and still make lots of money for themselves all because the process is streamlined and cheap.

The music industry is going through a similar phase and the RIAA is having none of it. Let's hope something similar doesn't roadblock the gaming industry.

I may hold off on D3 for a few more days.
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