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Longevity is great. Its a softer park stick so for serious pipe it won't cut it. But then again if you really want to ride pipe, you'll want a board for that and jumps, and something else for jibs. Pipe boards are stiff both tip to tip and torsionally. Which is the opposite of what you want in a jib deck.

I don't know what Echelon is calling their base structure, but its basically BS tech as was on Omatics since I believe Jason was their designer too. It's baller and works great.

If you're only serious about pipe to the extent that you just want to be able to ride the walls, maybe 2 feet out of an 18ftr at the most, then any decent park deck will do.

You might look into the Rocker Light if you want a bit more performance. Though you add the bit of looseness of rocker, the Rocker Light is a stiffer board and if you like the feel of rocker a more capable board (personally I just prefer the faster tip response of flat, othewise I would be on a Rocker Light). I rode the Light in Keysone's semi janky spring pipe and it did fine there. Its super fun to jib and on like run 1 BA was taking it through Park Lane jumps. So it'll be stable enough for anything you'll be doing for sure. Still completely jibbable though. Really good sweet spot that's easy to get into. For '12 sales this is one of your best bets.
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