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Originally Posted by Leo View Post
Want to come here and say that to our face? COME AT US BRO!

Just kidding haha. We do get some pow here... sheesh.

I have an '03 Mitsu Galant GTZ... low mileage, but she's been through some rather unfortunate accidents (none of which were caused while I was driving :/).

She looks like hell now haha. My wife drives a TC (boooooo!).

We now have two kids and neither cars are sufficient. We will be on the hunt for an SUV and perhaps a bigger sedan, if not my Mitsu will get some money dumped into it.

Ideally, we would get a Toyota 4Runner few years used. I'm not opposed to getting our hands on a used Audi Q8 :P

Audi Q8 and S8 in our garage within the next decade is the goal
4Runners are awesome, my vote goes for that one!
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do they even make chaps with asses?
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I think they call them pants
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