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Originally Posted by TABLECHAIRS View Post
I know there are a couple of threads already on base delams but i wanted to share my experience and see if anyone had some new info.
Bought my SL 161 from the Boardroom in Vancouver for my Canada trip in 2010/11, i'm from Australia.
Did 4 weeks in BC and when i returned home i noticed a thin crack just above the steel edge about 10cm long.
Contacted the Boardroom and after much effort sending pics etc. they agreed to reimburse me for the repair if i could find someone local to fix the board. Now after a long time off i'm planning a trip to NZ and want to get my board repaired but the new 'customer service' guy is not interested in following up on the original promise. The board is still under warranty.
Anyway i've contacted NS hopefully they can help me out.

But just in case NS can't help, can anyone give me tips for fixing the board, check out the photo.

I just sent you an email. But, I thought it would be good to post this as well. Just in case it might help someone with a similar repair. Other members were right and it does look like you hit something(probably a smooth object such as a rail, stump or rounded rock, which wouldn't show a gauge but would compress the edge). The edge is clearly bent on one side which pulled it away from the sidewall. It would take some kind of impact to bend the metal edge.

This is a fairly simple repair and I don't think you would need to straighten the edge. I think it will straighten out when clamped down.

Hey William,

I'm sorry to see this. Since you're in Australia and have a trip planned it sounds like the best solution would be to repair it. I had a shop here for 22 years and sold/repaired many boards. Never Summer are amongst the strongest and we have very few legitamate delams. There is a perimeter layer of rubber between the edge and fiberglass that when the board is pressed at high tempatures melts and forms an incredible bond. This is also the case below the top-sheet. I would have to physically evalute the board for a defect in craftsmanship/materials. Hopefully, I'll be able to guide you with a repair. I also reached out to one of our longtime reps who is in Australia and also has vast experience in the snowboard industry to try and help. He has been snowboarding in Australia as long as anyone, knows all the shops and has done many repairs. His name is Chris Hammond and he should also be contacting you.

For simple de-lam repairs you'll need.
1. 2-Ton Epoxy/24 hr.cure (this won't crack and is less likely to come apart when flexed than quick 5 min. epoxy)
ITW Devcon | Devcon Brand 2 Ton? Clear Epoxy
2.Quick grip or simple c-clamp One-Handed Mini Bar Clamps - Tools - IRWIN TOOLS
3. 2 6-12" pieces of plastic or metal.
4. Duct tape
5. Heat gun or hair dryer
6. File or sandpaper
Duct tape both base and top-sheet (just slightly above edge to create an epoxy dam) in area of repair to to keep any excess glue from running on the board.
Place board on its side and open up seperatining with a razor blade or thin screwdriver.
Mix epoxy with coffee stirrer.
Dab epoxy into seperated area with coffee stirrer or pop sicle stick.
Run heat gun or hair dryer in quick sweeps over area, to loosen epoxy, helping it to seep in.
Place metal or plastic piece on base and other on top sheet directly over area.
Clamp together, with clamp over he most extensive part of seperation. If you have use several clamps that would be best. For your size of repair I think 3 would cover it.
Let glue cure (harden) for 24 hrs, take of clamps, duct tape and plane down excess glue with file or sand paper.
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