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so ive only had 2 seasons recently but ive seen and been involved in a couple of super excellent shit eating experiences..

first time at hunter, went to the peak, coming around the backside of hellsgate (i think its called) and its just a solid sheet of ice. had never ridden my kass before, or any full rockered board, completely lost control, caught my heel edge and flew backyards about 10 feet head first into ice. skidded another 20 feet, puked a little bit, and bought a helmet.
that was season 1

early january at mt.creek this year, come bombing down a semi-steep right a hard bank to the right, and then another lip/bank to turn you around to the left and set up for a little hit... well, i came flying down the right hand bank hard on my toes, and for some reason rather than bank back around, i decided i was going to just throw a little frontside 180 off the lip.. i pop, turn, and see a little 7 yeard old asian on skis slowly making his way behind the lip right into my landing area..tried to redirect when i landed by digging my toes in (i was goofy now) and tanked it HARD onto my right collarbone: break # 1

so after about 4 weeks, im out riding again, feeling good..get like 5 nice days under my belt again, and then we go to boulder for the last day of the season there, and they have all their snow pushed into basically one run, with a cliff-drop type jump and then a set of left and right bank turns directly below them..i come off the drop, speed check so i dont launch over the back of the lip, and instead get ready to throw another little frontside 180 off the end of the i load up on the back foot, get ready to pop, and realize the end of the bank is straight clumpy powder, turn my board at the same exact time to initiate the 180, and end up catching my toes in like 12" of powder. tank it on my right shoulder again and slide on it this time for about 30 feet. shoulder hurt, but not like the first time, and it was only the second or 3rd i rode the rest of the day. went back to the orthopedist later that week. break #2:

now my collarbone is a mangled mess of regrown bone and stuff, here's a weird picture where you can see how fucked it looks:

this is just one weird view, its basically a massive bump and then it drops down about 1 1/2" and is all bone. its disgusting actually lol.

so besides me, i had the pleasure of watching a bunch of skiers bombing down a black run with a few medium sized hits on it.. theyre cruising, and im at the end of the run looking up..the run ends with some fencing and an exit so as to keep people out..well, this skiier pulls off a nice little move on the last hit, get all stoked, doesnt get in position for the exit, and flies directly into the fence. skis stop at the fence, body gets launched over, slides like 10 feet, gets up and goes "where the fuckin hell did that fence come from?" his friends laughed for like 10 minutes

also, once on the lift at boulder, im watching a kid come bombing down in love park trying to gap theyre 2 bigger kickers..he hits a 45 footer or so and throws a backflip and tries to clear a 20 feet gap to the 35 footer next to it...ends up smashing into the side of the 35 upside down and sliding down it lol.

one last lift at creek for a teaching day with a bunch of friends, and we're all having a blast. we're on the sugar slope and i see this lady clearly out of control on her skis..basically standing straight up, poles in the air, screaming and FLYING down the hill... no stopping involved. i see one of my buddies is down standing at the lift line, and she's headed straight for him. he takes a step to the left, she flies right past the lift line, out of the snow, hits the dirt landscaping and launches 10 feet in the air, sans skis. they laid there for awhile but i think ultimately they were okay.

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