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Originally Posted by IndraRipper View Post
had that earlier this year in whistler.
Doing nose grabs off some M/L jumps I forget what one it was that got me but I just leant too far back so I am flying through the air kinda sideways knowing how I am gonna land, came down a little past the landing, then when I hit the floor ass first I just felt everything inside me move.
Spent next 2 days in pain then a few day later I went to the Chiropractor and he twisted a few things back in place and I feel good now lol but it REally hurt at the time.
I know what you mean!

Couple years ago I had another wipeout at Blue Mountain that I thought was going to kill!

I was flying down a mild blue run having some fun, went up into the woods, and when I came back onto the trail there was a large lip cut by people riding along the edge of the trail. I was probably 10 ft in the air at the highest, and moving across the run instead of down, and I came down on my hip.

First thing I thought was "I'm going to break my hip!" but when I came down my fat ass must have taken it all! My cheek was numb and tingly for a few minutes, but 5 minutes later I got up and boarded the rest of the day no problem!
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