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Default The BIG purchase

Long time lurker here, I have decided to finally sign up and ask you lot some serious questions....

I have always used hired or second hand gear (that just fits) and have been riding for 15 years (about 5days a year) and have never actually purchased anything substantial. Therefore I have been riding around on loads of different gear and have an idea of what I want.
I really need your perspective as after 15 years of part time boarding: I still feel like an amateur!

It's my birthday soon and the wife has allowed me to spend some serious cash on my dream set up!

But now I feel I'm spoilt for choice!

I am 95kg (210lbs) with a 29cm (US12) and very wide foot, I ride mostly in Nth Japan and Sth NZ and I hunt off trail powder and natural kickers.
Basically I like to carve along and now and then throw myself off of something big to see what happens...

Therefore I was thinking of:

Solomon Synapse boots (as they are apparently the best for the distinguished wide-footed-cave-man)
Attack banana 159W (as it will hopefully float over the pow but will still pop for a random 20ft kick!? is that correct?)
and.... some bindings?!?! (help!)

Any and all advice will be greatly appreciated.
(ps I live no where near snow so cannot test any gear other than in the shop, So I just want to fill a board bag, arrive at Rusutsu in Feb and be able to carve up.... can it be done?)
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