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Originally Posted by pleiades View Post
Long time lurker here, I have decided to finally sign up and ask you lot some serious questions....

I have always used hired or second hand gear (that just fits) and have been riding for 15 years (about 5days a year) and have never actually purchased anything substantial. Therefore I have been riding around on loads of different gear and have an idea of what I want.
I really need your perspective as after 15 years of part time boarding: I still feel like an amateur!

It's my birthday soon and the wife has allowed me to spend some serious cash on my dream set up!

But now I feel I'm spoilt for choice!

I am 95kg (210lbs) with a 29cm (US12) and very wide foot, I ride mostly in Nth Japan and Sth NZ and I hunt off trail powder and natural kickers.
Basically I like to carve along and now and then throw myself off of something big to see what happens...

Therefore I was thinking of:

Solomon Synapse boots (as they are apparently the best for the distinguished wide-footed-cave-man)
Attack banana 159W (as it will hopefully float over the pow but will still pop for a random 20ft kick!? is that correct?)
and.... some bindings?!?! (help!)

Any and all advice will be greatly appreciated.
(ps I live no where near snow so cannot test any gear other than in the shop, So I just want to fill a board bag, arrive at Rusutsu in Feb and be able to carve up.... can it be done?)
I know Rusutsu inside out and I have tried a fair few different boards there. Freestyle boards just dont cut it in those conditions so you really want to start looking at dedicated powder boards. People tend to get scared of powder boards because they look unconventional, but that is exactly what makes them work, the more out there they look generally the better they will work. An attack banana or similar is not the board you want to be on at Rusutsu hunting the powder like you will be.

For what its worth I am selling a stepchild OG powder 164 for $300, I rode it for 6 runs only in Rusutsu last year but it wasnt enough board for me (6'3" 105kg)so I went back to my 172 swallowtail which I love. It would be an awesome board for your size in those conditions. My g/f rides the same board in a 153 and absolutely loves it. The smooth nose up turn is the secret to getting a powder board to float well, short sharp up turned noses just dont float.
PS this is not a hard sell just letting you know, its a good board to look at but you may want something wider with a size 12 hoof.

As for boots I also have a wide flipper and thirty two boots have been the best fit for me although I have not tried the salomons you speak of. DO NOT buy boots sight unseen from an overseas online store unless you want to spend $$$$$ on return postage. You could possibly use a Jindy board shop to send you the ones you think will fit with the option of returning them via post till you get the right pair. Time 2 Ride in Jindy would be a good start as they are very helpful with that kind of stuff.

Bindings, you have been using rentals so you will be easy pleased. Dont overlook burton customs, they are cheap and work well for the style of riding you do, I have been using my pair for years.

I hope this is of some help to you in regards to the Japan side of your problem, for NZ/Aus conditions you can use any freestyle/all mountain board that you like the look of, the attack banana would fit the bill nicely.

PS I will be in Rusutsu in feb ( I am in Hokkaido for 6 weeks starting jan 21) so hit me up with a private message, we can go shred some powder together and you can blow out at my strange looking 180 powder board lol.

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