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Originally Posted by dirts mcgirts View Post
no chance man, under armour is not the way to go, one its under armour, and two, the synthetic material of under armour retains odor like curtains in a crack den. merino wool, it doesnt retain odour, doest freeze like bandanas and has a heat/breathable ratio that make goretex roll in its 90's grave.
1) Yea, it's UA... so what?

2) I don't care what material you claim doesn't collect odor... they all do. I have both merino wool products and synthetic ones from UA and other brands. ALL of them retain some type of odor. The fact is though, nobody is going to smell it unless they press their nose to whatever item is in question.

3) Merino DOES NOT make GoreTex roll in its grave. Where do you get this misinformation from? There's two major factors about GoreTex that merino wool will never hold a candle to... DURABILITY and WATERPROOFING. Go ride in some merino wool pants as your snowpants and try to argue with me.

The UA hood is excellent for my purposes, but I hate the nose smash factor. I use it and have it sit below my nose. I put a Ride Qi over it to give my nose some coverage. It's a mesh bandana so it doesn't add heat. Just some protection from wind. I rather like this combination.
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