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Fuck the Presidential race. As long as we keep electing fucking idiots into the House and Senate not much will change.

When Corrupt democrats like Murtha (until he died), Harry Reid, Charlie Rangel, Maxine Waters, Nancy Pelosi keep getting elected term after term you know we're fucked. Rangel and Waters are both accused or determined to be corrupt, yet they are still in there. How is that possible? Would any of us keep our job if we were caught stealing there? NO. But they are.

There are corrupt Republicans as well but they tend to get driven out of office. Corrupt Democrats tend to stay. Bachus is a GOP'er who has ties to corruption but still holds office. But for the most part Democrats have that crown.

Then the DOJ sends a hit squad over to Alaskan Republican Ted Stevens on a bogus charge and he loses his election, and none of the attorneys involved get punished?

I'd vote against Obama just because he's too dumb to fire Eric Holder, another corrupt asshole who should be thrown in jail for perjury for his testimony on Fast and Furious. Because of his organization an American border patrol agent is dead. Yet he stonewalls Congress. Most transparent administration indeed.

Obama himself I don't find corrupt, just incompetent.

Romney is 10x more qualified then Obama was when he took office so I personally don't find that argument compelling, but that is why we all have our own votes we can agree to disagree. Unlike Obama Romney has executive experience, which is why Obama can't make a decision for the life of him and relies so heavily on Valerie Jarrett who controls his every move.

Obama is incompetent. If he didn't have so much power he'd be harmless. He has no clue how to fix the economy and isn't even trying. He blames republicans for everything as if He's the first ever President to have one of the legislative bodies controlled by the opposite party.

I'm not saying Romney is great. In fact, he's my last choice for a candidate. It's just that, Obama is worse. Romney has had success as an executive, whether it'd be at Bain, fixing the Winter Olympics or as governor of Massachusetts.

Obama has a record as a mediocre President and a two year Senator where he campaigned for President mostly and as a state senator where he voted "Present" for fear of latching himself onto a position. NO thanks.

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