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Originally Posted by snowklinger View Post
No no, pure strains are almost nonexistent (simply thru dilution, abundance of weed culture), the most popular and most pure that I see around here is Durban Poison, which is almost pure sativa. I've seen quite a few sativas that claim such a pure pedigree, but even really dank strong indicas are always (in my fairly broad [i'm doing my best!] experience) a hybrid.

I never had a choice when I lived in the midwest either, but here I wont spend on sativa cuz I dont have to, and I'm the kind of head who just doesnt see the point of not getting baked. (for those who dont know sativa is the more spacey, functional weed, indica is what gives you "couch lock").

I was just making fun of the nameology because of the saturation of the market here, every day I hear of and or smoke a new one, and theres just almost no point and its funny.

Example: buddy I often get from had Sour Diesel and something called Cat Piss, crossed em and gave me Sour Piss.

WTFever I got baked .

edit: I will admit tho, my favorite is any Kush, particularly Bubba.
I have some Durban Poison right now. Great sativa for snowboarding or hiking but yes I agree i'm more an indica guy. mmm Bubba Kush might have to be my next pick, haven't had for a while.

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