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Originally Posted by snowklinger View Post

One thing that I find ironic and slightly annoying is that because of some level of "legalization" you have a bunch of potheads seeing $$$ who actually have no intention of providing the best product that they can. Even tho prices and busts have gone down, so has quality. The top quality has not suffered, but every stinky patchouli wearing trustafarian with a skanky dreadlock now is a "grower" or part of some "coop". 5 years ago there was no room in the market for someones $25 eighth because everyone was selling them for $50 and they were the dankest sacks you'd ever seen. Now there are 4000 dispensaries between here and Summit County, and they all sell a range of products from $25 eigths to $60 grams of hash and caviar.

I'm smokin with ya. Just woke up, bout to go to work. Chronically.

I dunno, I think weed is better now than it was 20 years ago for sure. And it is certainly much cheaper, esp if you factor inflation into it. I was paying 60 for an 1/8 of crap and 80+ for an 1/8 of the chronic back in high school and I am paying half that now with the benefit of seeing weighed in front of me ifyouknowwatimean.

but yea, you buy an 1/8 for 25 you get what you pay for. I don't know how it is in CO, but here you can see smell and inspect what you're getting. I complained about a previous batch being too stemmy and they tossed me a free g of hash to keep me happy! I buy a lot and there's large block of a major street dedicated to dispensaries so competition is tough! Now that is progress!

it's even getting pretty relaxed here about smoking in public. There's a lot of cigarette nazis and very few places you can legally smoke cigs in public. I've found ligting up a j in one of those areas isn't too much of an issue, Ive even ad security walk by me and not hassle me. I keep trying to push the boundaries of where i can publically get stoned. The #1 thing I do is always make sure Im no where near any children or school and Im in an area ok to smoke cigs.

Just the other day I was on a train platform waiting for a train (not high) and someone else was smoking a j. the announcer comes on and says "There is no smoking on the train platform. Tobacco OR marijuana. There is a designated smoking area at the end of the platform"

i almost died laughing.
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