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That thing looks wicked! That ain't no slalom board. Excellent, I need someone to bomb hills with. My friends snowboard, but they won't do that, Pussies.
Do you got buddies that will do that with ya?

I got another crew, these guys like to do big hills & they just started to organize some weekend slide jams. There is maybe 5 or 6 hills out here in Maple Ridge, where you can get up in the 80-100km/h zone.

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What makes it even scarier, when you can't stop. I just went out about 2 weeks ago & put some time in learning to slide, cause I can't/couldn't either.
Right after I got a foot long 3 inch wide strip of road rash on my arm & a baseball sized gooey one on my hip, I decided I should probably wear the pads that I brought.
I can now do Coleman slides to a stop, but only up till about 40-50km/h.
Anything faster than that & I'll just try & ride it out.

It's real easy to bite off more than you can chew, once you get to a certain speed, sliding is no longer an option.
Then what do you do? That's when my stomach drops. As long as there are no hairpin corners or stop signs, you shouldn't have a problem.
It's the exact same as snowboarding down some super icy slope as fast as you can, you just have to pay attention.

Slalom is a cool part of longboarding, & I'm sure the more you do it the better ya get then it becomes more fun & so on....
IMO though nothing beats hauling ass, too the point where it scares the shit out of ya. Fuck, I live for that. You can't get that with slalom.
& you can do that right out of the gate. Roads are, for the most part always smooth, if you got the balls you can go just as fast as any mother fucker out there.

Theoretically used, since I got it for half price from one of the guys in the longboarding club, but brand new. Tip of the hat to Timmytard for pointing me in the right direction.

Hey, no problem. I told you you'd like it. Have you been going out with those guys since the time I saw you there? I showed up late & I think you took off early.

Have to admit, so far I like longboarding a lot more than skateboarding. Feels more like snowboarding. And the larger wheels are less likely to jam on small obstacles.

Now try & ride as many other peoples boards as you can. There is so any diff types of setups.
I love tryin' new/dif shit just too see.

I have a couple sets of wheels, if your interested?
An almost new set of Hawgs, 85mm. Big ass, roll over anything wheels.
Huge wheels work better on drop throughs, flush mounts & dropped decks, so you'll be laughin'

Ya slide gloves are an absolute must, I'm gonna get some leathers too.
The big scab on my hip, my pants didn't even rip or even really get damaged. @ first it just felt like a snowboarding wipe out, just sliding down the road. Not so much the after affects.

Can you tell I just smoked a big bomber?
I could go on & on....

So I think I'll pack her in for now.


If whatever doesn't kill you, only makes you stronger.

Then I am so close to immortality
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