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Originally Posted by poutanen View Post
Hey, what's the riding like in Argentina? I think next summer I'm going to head to South America for a week for some snowboarding...

Anyway, a couple things I can think of:

1) Check your stance width. You might be a little tall for the suggested stance width on the board. I'm the same height as you and my feet are setup about 21" (530 mm) apart (centre to centre). The +15 -15 duck stance is decent for stance angle, although a little less rear foot angle might help while you're still learning/progressing with turns. The true symmetrical duck stance is really meant to be able to ride switch easier, at the expense of some forward control. Also the 148 is a fairly narrow board. Put your boots in your bindings and rock the board onto both edges to see when your boots contact the ground. You should be able to get the board on about a 60 degree angle on both edges before anything touches.

2) It may just be the snow. If you're riding mostly hardpack and ice, you may just be having bad snow days. I've been riding for 20 years now but an icy day still makes me feel a little loose in the legs!

3) It might be the board. I hate to say this as your board is brand new, but were you renting rocker or camber boards? If you learned on a camber and then went rocker, you'll probably feel like you lost some traction and turn in. Rocker should help float in powder, and may help in the park, but otherwise on hardpack and ice a camber board will always have more control, more edge contacting the snow, etc. I guess the only way to really tell would be to swap boards with a friend for a run or two and see if your problems go away.

Have fun! I'm jealous that you're in the middle of snowboarding season...
I think you'll have a great time if you come here next year. There are 3 important ski resorts: "Catedral" in Bariloche, "Chapelco" in San Martin and "Las Leñas" in Mendoza (there are a couple of smaller ones too, but I recommend any of these 3). I'm in Las Leñas right now, but know all 3, and don't have a favorite. Bariloche and San Martin have more natural surroundings (trees, lake, mountains, very pretty), while Las Leñas is just the ski centre, nothing else to do. I would probably start with Bariloche & San Martin, which gives you the opportunity to get to know a little Argentina too! Contact me next year and I'll send you more specific advise on hotels, restaurants, that kind of stuff.

About your suggestions

1) Stance width: Good point. Haven't paid attention to this so I will focus on this next. I don't know what stance I'm using. For my height I might have to open up the bindings. In this case, should I open both simetrical or just the back binding?

2) Can't blame on the snow, there is really good snow (but thanks for the benefit of the doubt)

3) Sure. I rented traditional boards for 5 years and then I went and bought a banana tech magne-traction board. I have to live the adaptation period, since I don't think I'll have a chance to change the board. I think I can get used to it.
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