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Originally Posted by MariaSnow View Post
Contact me next year and I'll send you more specific advise on hotels, restaurants, that kind of stuff.
Sweet, thanks! I just think rather than going to sit on a beach for a week I'd rather visit a country with some culture, and get some snowboarding in at the same time. No need for a fancy hotel, just a clean safe place that's reasonable would be sweet. I'll PM you later...

Originally Posted by MariaSnow View Post
1) Stance width: Good point. Haven't paid attention to this so I will focus on this next. I don't know what stance I'm using. For my height I might have to open up the bindings. In this case, should I open both symmetrical or just the back binding?
Many guys go wider than 21" but I think for somebody our height it's an ideal starting point. It's actually wider than the board I used to race on which had a stance width of 20" or so. You want to stay as symmetrical as possible. Measure from either centre to centre of the baseplates, or front screws to front screws. If you're riding a fair bit of powder you'd be better moving the back foot back, but for all around riding symmetrical is the way to go methinks...

Originally Posted by MariaSnow View Post
2) Can't blame on the snow, there is really good snow (but thanks for the benefit of the doubt)

3) Sure. I rented traditional boards for 5 years and then I went and bought a banana tech magne-traction board. I have to live the adaptation period, since I don't think I'll have a chance to change the board. I think I can get used to it.
Yeah it's going to feel different for sure. I went from a 153 cm, stiff cambered board, to a 159 cm stiff cambered board and it certainly felt different for a couple days.

Originally Posted by MariaSnow View Post
Thanks. I'll check on this. Today I experimented with the angles and changed them from 15/-15 to 20/-10. It solved the turning issue, but complicated the other turn (front to back), I had difficulty bending my knees, so I'll probably go back to the 15/-15 angle. Next: I have to check on my stance.
If you have difficulty bending your knees avoid that stance. Everyone's different but you could end up seriously hurt if you have a stance that limits your movement. I've had luck with a more narrow stance angle. I'm +9/-9 right now, experimented with some other things over the years. You could also try +18 -3 for a bit until you get used to that board. Forward angle on the front foot can help turning while riding forward. +15 -6 or +15 - 9 would be another one to try.

Did you mount the bindings yourself or did a shop do it? Sometimes I think they don't take the time to set them up properly. If a shop did it, and they didn't ask for your boot while setting them up, they didn't do it properly!
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