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Originally Posted by poutanen View Post
Having eaten both, back to back at a fancy steakhouse, I can say that that's a very subjective taste. Alberta (grass or grain fed) has a stronger flavour, vs. the USDA more delicate flavour. I'm not a steak connoisseur but I prefer Alberta beef.

True, it's all subjective.

My steaks while USDA don't have a delicate flavor after I dry age them for four weeks Very bold flavor that might turn off the pussified steak eaters. This photo is after two weeks.

Oh, and by the way. I've developed a fail proof can't be beat steak method if anyone is interested. Long story short, I can cook a steak better than almost all restaurants (due to time it takes and attention paid to one or two steaks instead of a hundred). Next time you eat or cook a steak yourself, compare it to mine. Notice mine has almost NO gray band of beef you see under the surface. Seared crust with red/pink meat all the way through.

As a comparison, this is what you normally see. Notice that thick gray matter (what I call it) before you get to the medium rare parts? Blech. You don't get that with my method. I didn't invent it but put together a few I saw across the net.

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