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Some secrets to learning snowboarding that I wish I knew when I was a beginner

1) First off snowboarding is ridiculously simple. I know it doesn't look it and there are things that can be done on a snowboard that are very difficult. But the act of linking turns and riding comfortable is very easy. That being said most beginners do not have to work on what needs to be done to snowboard. They need to work on not doing all the unneeded motions that are screwing it up.

2) Body position! It surprises me still how many beginner lessons don't go over proper body position. So here it is, you want your whole body to be facing your toe edge. Only your head looks where you are going (not your shoulders). Your knees should be bent and loose. They work like shocks absorbing the terrain. Arms down by your side nice and comfy like. When you are riding your shoulders should follow your knees not the other way around. We drive from our feet not pointing with an arm.

3) You want to always travel toward the nose of your board! Not the toe or heel edge. Meaning if you are on your toe side you should be traversing the hill not sliding downhill. Yes we skid on our edges to slow down or stop but you don't want to do it constantly. If you are traveling toward your nose it reduces your chance to catch an edge.

4)Take lessons (yes i'm a coach and bias but)Its worth it. I was a self taught rider and it took me 6 years to pick up what I can teach someone in a day or two. So it is worth it! Here is a few tips on getting your moneys worth. Ask about the instructors when you sign up. Find out who has been teaching there the longest or who has the most experience with your level riders. When you understand how something is done and how it feels when you are doing it right or wrong. Ask the instructor to move on and you will practice on your own time. They are trained to get you back for more lessons not give you as much info as possible and you practice for free. Last thing if anyone teaches you something called "the falling leaf" get your money back.

Well, there is just a few things to help you get started. If you have other question feel free to ask. GL
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