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Originally Posted by MGD81 View Post
A garland is a more aggressive falling leaf. To say 1 is obsolete and the other is a great teaching tool makes no sense to me. Its all about the way you teach it. I teach something probably in the middle of the two, not much flat-basing on our sideslip hill as its purposefully steep and our clients tend to be more fragile than most resorts. But the twist/fore/edge control movements are still there.

And your right, I don't know the details. I do however know that if you try and teach in CO you will get arrested, and I do know that there aren't many GM's of ski resorts that are going to be happy with you taking away their most profitable source of income.
First off I did not bash instructors so chill out. I myself have been teaching for 15 years many of which were for mountains. I know and am friends with a lot of great instructors. Also I am telling people to take lessons in general. Did I say only take them from us, NO! As far as the mountains themselves we have worked with resorts to make sure we offer a product that they do not. We are coaches we go beyond the services of a mountain school for a different client. The people looking to get some pointers or learn in a more relaxed environment we recommend mountain schools. Our clients are part of a coaching program that is on and off snow, Summer and winter. We have indoor programs and even set up in peoples back yard to train. We have mountains that offer our students discounted prices. They can see the advantage to us bringing people to there Mt and teaching them in one day.
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