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Originally Posted by dreampow View Post
Sweet looking matchup there, I like the look of the phantoms and the bezerker, give us a review of both once you get on the snow.
Hey mate,

I have had 2 days on the setup and feel i can offer a little bit of a review on the setup compared to what i have ridden in the past (skunk ape, Riders Choice, T Rice)(K2 cinch, Rome Targas, Rome 390 Boss).

Anyways first thing i noticed compared to the mervin boards is it felt so damn stable, i mean flat basing was so easy compared to the BTX boards and the C2 boards. It didn't feel squirrely like the others and i didn't feel like i had to worry about the mange traction like i do with the others. The next thing i noticed was how easy i could skate and ride with one foot strapped in, i hate doing this with my Riders choice and felt like i was a newbie every time i skated, on this i rode an entire run with one foot out so i could practice and it felt awesome.

The board is FAST, i loved it, i felt like i could go past anyone out there while totally in control, i loved that it wasn't "hooky" like the mange traction can be, and i also loved the feeling of popping out of a turn tanks to the camber. I hit quite a few kickers and landed with a feeling of stability as well, no worrying about washing out.

It did feel kinda stiff in the tail and was a little bit more difficult to tail press than my riders choice (this is probably cos i had the back binding set back not centred) the nose pressed easier, i didn't do this a lot as I'm not great at it but just something i noticed. I found that while it was very poppy, i am probably not good enough to get the most out of how lively this board can be, i dropped a couple of steep sections and made some quick cuts and felt like i could have pushed much harder, maybe when i get a few more days on it ill push the limits some more.

The bindings, i loved the toe strap i felt locked in tight with no pressure points, the ratchets were awesome and cranked and released with ease. The ankle strap was fine, nice and comfy however i feel that the ladder strap is not long enough, i had to push the strap down hard to engage the first teeth to start cranking, it was the first binding i have used where the straps needed to be longer (this was despite buying new boots that were smaller to allow for this, and with the straps in the closet position on the heel cup)

Their performance was great, felt very responsive and i felt the board really well, the airbag system was nice in the heel, but i must admit i felt a few landings hard on the balls of my feet (probably user error rather than bad padding). Really liked how they were super locked in and stiff heel to toe but forgiving side to side.

Anyways hope that gives a little insight, and remember I'm just an intermediate so its my best description based on my skill level.

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