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Originally Posted by baseline6 View Post
Lifting much in your legs? muscular legs IMO are key to a healthy, fit and lean body. Because your core supports most of these movements its also key to gaining athletesism. Dont put to much stock into jogging as it really wont do much for you in losing overall body fat. Make it more of a point to add muscle and walk if you dont wanna sprint. The problem with endurance based running? Its the devil!!!! jk dude. Your body has Heart Rate levels and depending on what youve ate and how high your HR is at the time of activity. Your body will pull energy from muscle rather then fat. Which literally circumvents what your going after. Try adding muscle and If you can, get on a calorie controlled diet aimed at nutrition rather then cutting calories. This way its much more concentrated and you will get a much faster/better results from any routine. JUST DONT JOG MUCH IF AT ALL! Look up 5lbs muscle VS 5 lbs fat. its like comparing a baseball to a football.
Like i said i feel pretty muscular (305bench, 375squat, 405 deadlift) but I do a pretty strenuous leg routine on mondays (weighted walking lunges, squats, deadlifts, leg extensions, 1 leg hacksquats), and most crossfit workouts i do involve either power cleans or body weight squats, occasionally kettlebells. by working in running i meant interval training with sprints. and youre right, i hate running it BORES ME TO DEATH. Any tips on eating? I try to eat as clean as i can at my chow hall on base, but its only open 3 times a day so eating like 6 small meals a day is really hard.
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