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Originally Posted by poutanen View Post
There are other things higher in protein than chicken... I had cereal with milk this morning for breakfast. (probably about 15g)... Lentil soup is high in protein, cottage cheese, shrimp, etc. etc. etc. I think to hit that 240g per day stat you'd pretty much have to consume shakes to supplement.

The other issue is protein absorption. From what I've read your body can only absorb about 50 grams of protein per meal while the rest will just be passed through as waste. So to get to 240g/day you'd have to have 5 meals with 50g or so in them.

I was trying to consume 150g a day and found it difficult.
Going to disagree with you on this buddy as I eat large amounts of protein daily. Point to make about saying the human body can only ingest so much protein. How would hunter gaterhs survive? Its important to note that evolution has played a big part in how are bodys consume food or enegry. If a hunter hunts for meals and has to expend energy just to find a food source Then how can he survive if his body only consumes so much food in one sitting.

You have to belive that if you killed a boar that you cant store for the week your going to consume as much of it as possible in one sitting while you can. Your body consumes energy over an 8 hour period which is how its effiecient at this. What that theory suggests is that our bodys arent effiecient enough to consume everything stored. What is true? certain foods digest diffrent in the body so the cals consumed by them varies. How so? Well Beef digest the fast hence burning the least amount of cals to consumed. Diffrent proteins like chicken and Egg whites are hard to metabolize and because of that the cals burned also yield a lower net cal consumed but stay high in Protein source. This is how you make your food work for your metabolism and why the paleo diet is now popular. So where research was wrong on the point that you can only consume so much in one sitting.

Because of this I look to make eggs and chiken a staple in my diet, Turkey breast as well. I dont consider Yougurts and chick peas real proteins because they more often then not get protein through the same source as SOY which is estrogen and we all know that makes us moody bitches right? What makes a protein diffrent types of aminos so its important to note that this is whats seperates protein sources and its also important to note that when examining the structures of the aminos that make proteins protein that sources like nuts are more psuedo protein because of the aminos they are comprised of. this might stun allof of people but nuts are genuinely a INCOMPLETE PROTEIN because of the amino structure that makes them a protein.

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