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Originally Posted by Snowolf View Post
First, it is not an "enemies list". As stated, because of Citizens United, we are treading in new waters with regard to campaign contributions. The courts have said that a campaign has an absolute right to post this information about their opponents. People do have a right to know who is sponsoring candidates. Romney is going to do the same thing to show where Obama is getting his contributions from like the unions and other progressive movements. There is nothing preventing some tea bag supporter who works at the IRS from doing the exact same thing to a Democratic doner.
Still an enemy list.

Okay, if what you say is true, that leaves me with a couple of questions.

1) Do you really think that no right leaning person would not take it upon themselves to do this to a Democratic doner?
They may. Doesn't make this one right though, right?

2) If people take it upon themselves to do this without orders or even permission, how is this the fault of the President? ( I would defend Romney in the same way if someone in his campaign did something behind the scene)
They put up the list knowing full well what they wanted. The president didn't put this up, but his operatives did.

3) How would you propose to prevent this sort of thing? and don't give me some anti left rhetoric; provide real solutions.
Not single out Americans who are exercising their constitutional right.

This is not an isolated thing with the Obama campaign. Find me one example of Bush singling out American citizens that support his opponents for ridicule. Just one.

They single out Paul Schorr of Blackstone. He's #1 on the website, that you conveniently provided us.

Behind the curtain: A brief history of Romney’s donors — Barack Obama

They say while at Blackstone he did a deal in 2007 that outsourced 7 companies' jobs. Ok ...

Did they mention that the President and CEO of that very same private equity company, Blackstone, is a humongous Obama contributor? Nooooo .... When asked to comment about the apparent hypocrisy, the re-election campaign declined to comment.

In my opinion, this is just a part of the fallout that is a result of that horrible Citizens United decision. I don't give a rat`s ass about the abstract points behind the decision as we have had this discussion before. The concept that money is a form of "free speech" is absolutely antithetical to the idea of the First Amendment. By its very nature, it means that some people therefore have more "free speech" than others by means of their wealth. That is Plutocracy, not Democracy.
May be true. You are entitled to your opinion and I half agree with it. I'm torn. It protects free speech but I also get that it may corrupt elections.

But like social security is unconstitutional except for shenanigans that got it passed by the SCOTUS, it is law now. what can we do. I know in my heart Social Security is unconstitutional. But the SCOTUS has ruled, so it be what it be.

Keep in mind this very same administration who admonishes the corruption of money in the electoral process, also promised he woudl take public financing in the previous election of John McCain took public money. John McCain did accept the pledge, and then Barack Obama reneged and spend 3-4x what McCain had in the last election.

So forgive me when I say "fuck that" when Democrats (not you) complain about money in the election. Where were they when Barack Obama pledged and then unpledged public money. The first president to do so in a generation?

Pardon me when I say "Fuck You" to liberals NOW complaining about money in elections. They didn't complain in 2008 when Obama pulled that shit. No sympathy here.

Direct ties to Rove and Cantor! It is obvious Adelson has a hell of a lot more free speech than you and I. This shit is sickening and you are there trying to defend the indefensible. With shit like this fucking up our democracy, please excuse me when I tell you that I really don`t give a flying fuck about Frank Vandersloot`s woes....
Where was this in 2008 when Barack raised and spent almost 1 billion, and McCain spent like 300 million? where were the complaints then? Pardon me if I don't show any sympathy.

And don't forget the Democrats don't lack funding. The richest people are democrats despite what you hear. Nobody complains when George Soros sends hundreds of millions but when the Koch Brothers do it's armageddon. It's hypocrisy at its finest and its sickening.

Nobody complained about money until the Republicans started to get some and that's the truth.

This whole thing is a result of this unlimited spending and a lack of disclosure requirements. I am not into the conspiracy as much as you are. It is not that hard of a stretch of the imagination if someone suddenly shows a million dollar tax exempt donation like this. Any huge change is going to send a red flag to the IRS. As for the Department of Labor, his neighboring ranches have also been audited and he himself had previously. You are jumping to far more conclusions then even Frank here who admits that this may be unrelated.
I'm just saying, it's a damn coincidence is it not? IRS audit 12 days after? That's not suspicious?

As for "Joe the plumber", It was one guy snooping into his DMV record, not dozens.
No that's BS. It wasn't just one guy in the DMV. It was multiple people, in his DMV, his OJDFS. They passed a new law because of it. It wasn't just one guy.

Again, where is the evidence that the Obama campaign ordered anything? Some snoop working as a project manager for the Ohio Local Law Enforcement Information Sharing Network decided to access his DMV records. No action was taken and your term "ransacking" is deliberately melodramatic. This shit happens all of the time to anyone with any celebrity status or anyone controversial. The fact that in this case, the guy was held accountable shows that the system worked and to claim that the Obama administration or even the Democratic party as an entity are orchestrating this in the real of tin foil hat Alex Jones lunacy. This is nothing more than campaign rhetoric whipped up by Karl Rove and the right wing spin machine.

This is nothing more that another Karl Rove tactic and is nothing new. This rumor has been going on since at least 2010 when Rove statred it:
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