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Originally Posted by Snowolf View Post
Not to play tit for tat, but do you really think only Democrats keep lists or play dirty politics? Are you aware that Bush also kept lists of political "enemies" and went so far as to use the USA Patriot Act against people hostile to his administration? Where was your outcry then??????
I wasn't a member of this forum yet

I've voiced my opposition to the Patriot Act. I've never supported it.

But see what you're pulling here? "Bush did it too."

And? I never said it was right when Republican's did it. But I'm pointing out Obama is doing it.

Did Bush publish that list by the way?

The bottom line is that the American people have an absolute right to know who is contributing to whom and how much. If the courts won`t demand this then good on the Obama campaign for posting the "list" and I would say good on the Romney camp for doing the same to keep Obama honest. The sad fact is that there are always going to be ideologues on both sides who will take it upon themselves to act on the information outside of the law.
Citizens United increases transparency, it does NOT hide it. Why do you think otherwise?

It was never a secret who donated to who.That's a canard floated by the Democrats don't believe that shit. Citizens United Increased transparency. If anyone reads the opinion it does so. Please Snowolf I know you hate Democrat Politicians ALMOSt as much as Republican ones

Don't believe their talking points. Go read the decision for yourself. Here is what it says:

transparency enables the electorate to make informed decisions and give proper weight to different speakers and messages
Justice Scalia just last year said:
“Requiring people to stand up in public for their political acts fosters civic courage, without which democracy is doomed.”
Here is a New York Times article, not a friend of conservatives, discussing how Citizens United addressed donor transparency

Again, don't believe the bullshit that is Democrat talking points. Read the opinion. It says that free speech mandates that we cannot block it, even by those with a lot of money. But we need to let people know who spent that money, so the citizenry and voting population can form valid opinions. Disclosure is essential.

^^^ That is Citizens United. Even the liberal as all hell New York Times agrees. Everything else you heard was spin.

WASHINGTON — People who hate Citizens United, last year’s blockbuster campaign finance decision by the Supreme Court, tend to blame it for allowing secret money from corporations and unions to flood the political landscape. But the critique is wrong on at least one point — the bit about secrecy.
New York Times. Not a right wing rag by any measure.
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