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Originally Posted by Snowolf View Post
Oh dude, you should know by now that I am not a partisan demagogue. I have been very open with my contempt for both and you know it. I also agree about the difference between "true Conservative" and wingnuts. We had that discussion about Barry Goldwater awhile back and I think you will remember me stating my respect for him. Just wanted to remind you.
Oh i remember.

I posted examples of Bush and Karl Rove doing this yet you say I am not providing this data; what gives?
Not the list. I meant actually persecuting or digging through actual records illegally.

So just curious, is there any information about the motif and political affiliation of these individuals who did these illegal searches? In addition, what evidence do you have that there was pressure from the Obama people to do this?
Joe the plumber? A few days after he poses a question to Obama? I don't think anyone needs to dig further than that. The police contractor worked for an opposition research firm.

I know you are in legal work and I think you are an attorney correct? So, these actions are criminal so it has to be proven beyond reasonable doubt not a preponderance of evidence as in a civil case. Your are trying the case here, what evidence do you have to put before the court of the Obama campaign `s guilt?
Nope. this is the court of public opinion.

A lot of people think Democrats adn Obama are saintly, can't do no wrong. I'm just throwing some cold water on that shit. When Republicans do wrong I call them out too.

Like Bachmann questioning that muslim Clinton Aid a coupe days ago. She's married to Weiner (lol!). That shit is despicable too.

I can admit, the Republican party can be ugly. Very ugly. But when someone argues with me that the Republican party is uglier than the Democrat party I call bullshit. We can go toe to toe about aggrievances all day. I believe in conservative ideals, but not necessarily the GOP party.

But all I hear is, Oh the GOP is so bad, the Democrat Party is good. I'm just saying bullshit. Me and you are on opposite sides of ideology spectrum, but we can agree the parties are bullshit. But when all I hear is big bad wolf republicans, little red riding hood Democrats I'm just calling bullshit.

Not being an ass, truly.
Never thought you were. I'll say it right now. Nothing in this forum will ever offend me. It's politics. We can go 30 rounds here and it won't mean anything in real life I'll still buy you 5 beers.

I am honestly curious what your evidence is an where it comes from because so far, this looks like rhetoric from the dispensers of propaganda on AM talk radio and Karl Rove.
Don't listen to AM talk radio anymore bro.

The timing of you bringing it up is also suspiciously coincidental since it has been blasting the airwaves this week on every one of these talk shows.
That usually happens when a story hits.

As I said, I don`t see a single problem with the Obama website that lists these doners. I maintain that the American people have a right to know how much and from whom both candidates are getting contributions from. I posted that information about Adelson because this is exactly why that Citizens United case is disastrous for our democracy. To me this is the far greater problem and whether Obama has a list or not is trivial in comparison....
I bring it up to explore the coincidence of it all. I'm not saying impeach Obama. But if you don't think Dem operatives looked at that list and said, let's see what we can dig up ... never mind I don't even want to speculate that because I know you're perfectly smart enough to realize that it is perfectly reasonable for that to happen.

And I put Joe the Plumber up to prove that. He never donated anything and just asked a question that Obama answered in the most inconvenient way. That's all he did. Asked a question.

And they invaded his privacy 4 different ways. It's not out of the ordinary to wonder whether this list provided the impetus for other operatives to do the same.

They all stink.
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