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Default Skrillex is a good song writer?

I don't really listen to the new "brostep" stuff too much, save for a few special remixes here and there because I grew up on house, electro-house and trance so there's just no room. However, I broke down and just streamed Skrillex's album off Spotify a while ago and a few songs really caught my ear, mostly because they were just solid housey-ish tracks with a bit more aggressive composition/instrumentation. My favorite track, by a metric fuckton, was With You, Friends (Long Drive), a recomposed old song he did before he was signed, apparently. This guy did a piano arrangement for it, and when you strip away all the compositional elements Sonny used, the actual music is pretty fucking interesting. This guy can write a catchy but well-crafted tune:

Props to Evan Duffy (pianist/composer) who did this arrangement for nailing all of the grace notes, dynamics, tempo changes etc. and recreating the music to near perfection.
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