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Default How to fall

I've been snowboarding for about three or four seasons (going maybe 3-5 times a season), so I have the basics down. I can carve a hill pretty decently and am comfortable doing most runs, bar the most experienced. This last winter, I started to try freestyle riding, going off a few jumps and just getting my board off the ground for the first time. I didn't take any lessons from instructors or even friends, maybe the occasional tip, so needless to say I was pretty awful. Anyway, towards the end of the season I ended up going off a jump funky (I bailed at the last second because I felt like I had too much speed) and I found myself falling forward in the air. I landed awkwardly and ended up breaking my left collar bone pretty bad. I don't exactly remember how I landed because it all happened so fast. I've been looking up how to fall correctly and a lot of sites/guides say that wrist injuries are very common. I've never had a problem with that since I always use my forearms to break the landing when falling forward. I guess my question is: is it common to break a collar bone when falling? And if so how can this be prevented?
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