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I actually had a different viewpoint. Do I agree with what he said? No. But I was actually impressed that a CEO would come out and vocalize his viewpoints, versus act a certain way in public, and behind closed doors, act a completely different way.

I guess it was refreshing to see someone be 100% upfront with their views in his position.

And regarding his statement, it was blown way out of proportion. He is an old school southern christian who doesn't support gay marriage. Doesn't mean he is a bigot - means he has interpreted the bible to it's fullest meaning, which like it or not, states pretty clearly that marriage is the union between a man and woman. Do I believe that? No. But some people are very tied to structural religion still.


The right wing nut job comment. Since when does religion determine your party line?

So since every nut job in Hollywood is a Democrat, and they LOVE Scientology, is it fair to say all Democrats are whackjobs that worship a fucking alien?

My biggest problem with the Democratic party, is that they have attempted to make their party all about SOCIAL issues, which in fact are determined by society over time, as social norms change. At the end of the day, our societies ideologies will be reflected in law, not the other way around.

It's a shame that the Libertarian party can't get off the ground, because I can honestly say that half my friends who are Democrats would switch parties instantly - because the only reason they vote for Obama is the fear that the Democratic media shoves down their throats about gay rights, rights to abortions, etc with regard to the Republican party, and they buy in. Guess what - those are NON ISSUES. They will reflect the majority view of society, and only then will they change, if ever.

It'd be nice if people in this country would vote for issues that matter, such as our fucking economy, tax laws (fuck we need a flat tax), our dogshit foreign policy, etc.

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