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It seems these are never ending threads. I'm in the market for a new board, as I feel I am ready to upgrade from my 2010 Salomon Ace. That's my first board, and I'm looking for something lighter and with more pop - more of a freestyle board. I'm 5'9" and 150lbs. I've been riding for a few years, and have been out west to CO (Breck several times & Keystone). I'm looking for a lightweight board that can handle aggressive carves and has good/great pop and can handle pow on the off chance I'll get the opportunity. I'm currently looking at (in no particular order):

K2 Turbo Dream
K2 Slayblade
Lib Tech Attack Banana
Rome Mod Rocker
GNU Dirty Pillow

Here's the caveat - I ride regular, but my left (front) leg isn't as strong as my right leg, due to a car accident years ago. I only mention that, because I think that affects my ability to ollie/jump so I would really prefer a board with good pop. I'm a fairly aggressive rider, more of a speed person than a trick rider, but I want to strengthen my jumping ability. Nothing crazy though. Any comments on the above boards or new suggestions?
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