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"I've been snowboarding before a few times over the years so am not a complete beginner. "

Idk, about "a few times"...I would say most any place will keep you entertained...if not kick your ass. But if you ride everyday for 4 months...ya aint going to be a complete beginner no more. Pick some hill as your base, make friends and take road trips to other hills. My choices would be whistler, fernie, baker, nelson and the like.

So do you want to be entertained or get your arse kicked? Just to add...if you are going to travel, spend a bunch of $ to do it...I'd recommend getting the full value of your time and money...thus get your arse handed to ya.

I'd start looking right now for housemates or small studio apt nearby small town and not necessairly at the resort of your chosen base hill. And plan on hitchhiking or pitching in for gas with housemates.
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