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This may be a bit of a rant but just something I find funny. Every time I see a video or hear someone talking about how hard it is and how they crawled into a tube. I feel like their next story is going to be them telling me they risked their life Ziplining (lol). Im going to laugh when one of these competitions gets added to Xgames and it becomes the next level of EXTREME!. Anybody else notice this? I realize a few people on here may have done these but in Arizona everyone that does these is like "DUDE I HAD TO CLIMB MONKEY BARS OVER A POOL OF WATER at 7000 ELEVATION!!" In arizona there is one of these stupid cometitions every other week and hearding ppl talk about how intense it was is funny. To generalize my point from a fitness perspective. Snowboarding is much harder and requires allot more conditioning/athletesism.
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