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Originally Posted by snowvols View Post
Yes! I completely agree. These types of events are great for the running community as a whole since it gets people active. You are also correct in that not each obstacle is easy. The quarter pipe is pretty challenging.

There you go again about how much more fit you are than everyone else. How do you know you will finish ahead of most people? You only run a couple miles at a time. The course is much longer than a couple miles......
Because I am more fit then most people and its not bragging when 1/4 people in the US are obese, its common sense. How do I know I could finish ahead of most people? Well I work at a private gym part time training personal clients at night. Maybe becasue I invite the guys who do these from my Office to come do a free cross fit session we do at the gym on saturdays? Maybe I go to these bro fests and hand out flyers to promote the free crossfit session? Maybe Ive turned a couple of these guys into my clients?
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