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Easy peezy Japaneezy.

If you think this is tough, I had to go to Wilderness camp as a teenager.

When I was 16 a friend & I were jumped by three 18 year olds, we pummeled their asses. One of the other guys happened to become def in one ear, from a well placed roundhouse kick to the dome. They just picked the wrong kids to fuck with, my friend & I had been in kickboxing together for 4 years @ this point.
It was not an option, it was through Corrections. We had to do that shit everyday.(minus the electricity) At first it was super shitty, you were a criminal & they treated you as such. But after the half way point, you became a team.

Now it became Wilderness survival, we got to rock climb, repel huge cliffs, portage lakes & sleep on the tops of snow covered peaks. They even had an obstacle course about 100 feet up in the forest.(picture Ewok village)

It was 8 weeks long. The final week we had to spend 4 days by yourself not a group with no food & only 1 liter of water

They told us if we seen anyone, not to go up & talk to them. We were so far up in the mountains that no one would expect to see people where we were. While I was on my solo, I heard a 4x4 coming up the mountain, of course I ran over & talked to them. Well so did my instructor, when we got back to camp, I got reamed out in front of everyone & was told I was going to have to do it all over again, 8 weeks with a new instructor & group of bad kids.

I felt so shitty, I could have died. It wasn't near as bad the second time, just because I had just finished doing it with a diff group.

@ this point I was close to the instructors in conditioning & knowledge.
I knew what was expected from us as a group & more importantly I knew what not to do. You couldn't even use slang while speaking or you would get push-ups for you & your group.

Still the first 4 weeks they treated you like a criminal, & was nothing but hard labor, digging out stumps larger than SUV's.

After the half way point, we got to do all the fun stuff again. Since I had already done it all, I got to be the guy who showed all the other kids how it was supposed to be done.

@ the time it wasn't that much fun, but looking back on it now, it was awesome.(not the labor part) I think every kid should have to do it.
There are programs similar to it for non criminals, & if you have a kid I think you should sign them up for it. They will thank you for it later in life, probably not so much @ the time though.

There is nothing in this world that can stop a group of determined people from accomplishing. NOTHING.

I wouldn't be the indestructible fearless lunatic that I am today, if I hadn't been forced to do it, twice.

Toughmudder is just playin' in the mud with your friends. That's it, that's all.


That program has since been shut down because a few kids died.

I almost forgot, about ten years later I was working in the film industry & got to go back there.
When you graduated from wilderness camp your group had to make some kind of plaque.
When I went back, I searched for my groups & I found it.
Since it was shut down permanently, I asked the guy in charge of letting us in, if I could take my plaque home. He didn't have a problem with that since it was mine anyways.

So I have my groups @ my house.

This is the weight of the world on my shoulders!

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If whatever doesn't kill you, only makes you stronger.

Then I am so close to immortality

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