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Originally Posted by IdahoFreshies View Post
Well aren't you just the most bad ass individual because you teach cross fit. Go do one then come back and report how easy and stupid of a race it was. Also keep in mind that believe it or not, not everyone is on the same level of god tier fitness as you are. So get the fuck off your high horse and let people who are not gym coaches enjoy their accomplishment and success of completing one of the toughest 10 mile races ever created.
No high horse here guy I stated facts and gave my opinion based off of what I do. If you read what I said in previous posts I mentioned that I did realize people on here had done this. I also mentioned the word "personally" before I said I could do it. Then I mentioned that I work at a gym as a PT part time. What would you have me say!? Im a horrible fuckin trainer and toughmudder was the hardest activity I've ever done?. No!, Because its not! Notice how I've not once bragged about my workouts?, My body, My strength the fact that I Have done triathlons. Your trying to turn this into a dick measuring when it looks like your the insecure one here proclaiming me to be OP and bringing up Ultramarathoners like your one of them. In my original post I referred to the fact that IMO SNOWBOARDING REQUIRES MORE "CONDITIONING/ATHLETICISM". Don't tell me Toughmudder is hard if you have been outside at 8am at 11000 elevation to get 1st chair when its 5 degreeze out and everyone is inside with a blanket.

Now you wanna mention this "Ultra marathoners are nucking futs, and I can guarantee that nobody on the site, especially cross fit gugu OP can get through 1/2 of the leadville race"

You would think that if I did train people who pay $500 a month, I could train my self to "Run/jog" for an extended period of time. Sounds to me like your insecure and you want a pat on the back for trying. Either way I could give a 2 fucks man. Come to Phoenix you'll die in the conditions I work out in. Wanna compare shit? Lets. Try Running 3 miles to Echo trail on Camelback mountain then hiking the shit in 40 minutes. Try waking up on a saturday morning and not stuffing your face. Go outside put 90 pounds on a sled tied to your back and sprint a football field Endzone to Endzone, Lunge back then Farmer carry 90 pound back. Oh and did I mention I do this during the summer in phoenix? Ya know when all you pussy's are crying its 80-90 outside I'm fucking working my ass of when its 105 at 10 am. That 3 mile run I refered to? Yeah I start it at 5am when its 90-95 out, I finish up at 8 right when it hits 100-105. But hey your right, running 10 miles is hard shit there is no way I could train myself for that. Lol

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