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Originally Posted by Snowolf View Post
Well, I have to say I think it looks pretty cool. Like Timmy, I can not ollie a skate board or long board. Tried for years and just cant do it... A few years ago, I bought a mountain board and it has binding straps on it and finally, I can pop off of curbs or over rocks on old logging roads (it has big rubber tires and a hand brake). I think of all the hair brained ideas that Timmy has come up with, this one is pretty cool.......

The only downside though as you are all pointing out is the inability to bail. I would be wearing pads, a helmet and maybe full leathers because when in your mid 40`s, crashing on pavement really really really hurts!!!
Ya, you can't honestly say that doesn't look like fun, & not bein' able ollie a regular board, this opens up a whole new game.
Not my hair brained idea, I'm just jumpin' on the band wagon.
& @ 37, the bails feel pretty much the same I do believe.

Well I packed up some shit & went on a cruise but I don't have insurance on my truck right now, so I had a backpack with elbow & knee pads, a 2 liter, camera, tripod & finally that tank strapped to it. It weighed @ least 40 lbs.

I don't really live by any hills & the skate park is about ten miles from my house. After going about 4 miles the other direction to get to McDonalds, then gorging, I didn't feel that much like completing the journey.

But don't you worry all you haters & naysayers, I'll get me some footage.
I really want to go to the skate park, but during the day it is just packed.
Hopefully by the end of the day I'll have something.

I'm pretty sure when you see how a guy who can't even ollie up a curb can rip on this thing, I won't be the only one who slaps one together.

Really disappointed in the lack of hate mail here kids, I thought for sure when I got back home there would be pages & pages.
I thought I set you all up pretty good, even left an invite.
It makes me laugh, the funny shit you guys try & burn me with. It doesn't faze me & honestly I think it's hilarious.

hktrdr, Ouch, that was a well thought out burn. That one should stay with me for a while.


If whatever doesn't kill you, only makes you stronger.

Then I am so close to immortality
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