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Originally Posted by Frozen View Post
Yes. I love when people make shit like this and I cant wait to see the video. But dude I'm not gonna lie, that wood in the first pic looks shonky as fuck. Are you sure it's not gonna bust in half?
You called it, but I actually screwed a piece of 1x4 hardwood to the underside between the trucks. That's what fucked me!

For some reason, I didn't even bother riding it around for a bit, down a hill, nothin'.
I found a set of stairs, figured it looked not to bad, 4 stairs then about a 4 foot landing then 4 more stairs. But it was super dark, buy only @ the stairs. So I set up my camera, everywhere sucked. I couldn't set it up too far from where I was cause it was in the shitty end of town, lots of thieves, druggies & hookers.
Only @ night for some reason, during the day it's a Home Hardware with a doctors office next door, completely diff after dark.

Any way, the screws I used to fasten the 1x4 were a cunt hair to long. I ended up screwing them in on an angle to compensate.
One of the screws, I think, was going into my shitty Firefly bindings. So I backed it out a turn.
There was maybe 1/3 of the screw head sticking out on an angle, 2mm @ most.
Made the first set of stairs fine, but with only about a four foot landing area before the next set of stairs & a board close to three feet long. My front truck rolled off the top step before I could jump, the one screw I backed out a tiny bit was the first thing to touch the top stair.
My board instantly came to a dead stop. I did not, I launched into a dive only sideways off the top stair.
I was just finishing the jumping motion, I was literally a fraction of a second too slow. So I still got all the height, but dropped like a stone.

I'm sure you will be quite amused. I couldn't just pack it in with that being my only footage, so I walked it off for about 1/2 an hour & forced myself to give it one more try.
Went across the street to a diff set of stairs without a landing, just 3 stairs & a clean run out.
This time it worked, but the board snapped. So I got a whole 3 min on it before I broke it.
I'm gonna make another one & this time I'm gonna ride it & get used to it before I do any jumps.

So here is the successful one

I recorded the wipe out too, but there is a lot of blank footage in the recording, so I need to edit it but Windows movie maker keeps crashing & it is really dark. I can fuck with the brightness on my pc to make it watchable, but if I upload it to Vimeo, I don't think you guys will be able to adjust the brightness. So any ideas on how to make it work?


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