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Default My Special Snake Oil Has 'Molecules'!

Has anyone noticed this trend in television commercials marketing everything from makeup to gasoline? All of a sudden everything works because it has 'molecules' or 'secret micro-particles'!

Every time one of these commercials comes on I'm baffled. Are people actually fooled by this nonsense? I imagine it must go something like this:

Salesman - "Hey you! Come here and buy my special Nimshmuckle Face Sauce and all your horrendous oozing pimples will vanish overnight! Only 3 payments of 34.99!"

Intelligent Consumer - "I don't know man....that sound too good to be true and your face sauce kind of smells like A1..."

Salesman - "Our Nimshmuckle Face Sauce is specially formulated with molecules and active nano particles!"

Intelligent Consumer - "Oh it has molecules!?!" MUST! HAVE! NOW! I'll take 10!"


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