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Well the public is stupid.

Really though, it seems to be a sort of trend that companies use words stupid people don't understand to make their product sound so "high tech" that it far surpasses any other product. Here's a prime example:

Nanowax. "OMFG, NANO, its not just wax it's nanowax, I better buy that!"

I've also noticed the use of lasers a lot more recently.
  • Laser hair removal, acne treatment, stretch mark treatment, wrinkles
  • Laser treatment to curb appetite
  • Laser treatment to quick smoking

I guess people think lasers are a new revolutionary idea to cure all ails. Frankly, I only see lasers as a good use in concerts and to make my cat go nuts. I don't watch television anymore though, so I don't have to watch that garbage (and political ads)
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