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Originally Posted by mrmidWest View Post
Ok so I'm getting out of the Marine Corps in 4-6 months, and I'm planning on going to school, but I'm having a hard time deciding where to go so I am exhausting all resources (including this forum) to help me decide. If anyone has any suggestions or good info I'd really appreciate it.

I am originally from Wisconsin, but I have been living in so cal for going on 4 years. I only have interest in 1 school back home, and if i don't get accepted there I really don't think I'll be returning..

Anyways, I've assembled a small list of schools that I AM interested in (I'd be lying if I said the opportunity to ride wasn't at least a factor in picking, but it's definitely not my top priority) and hopefully we have some alums or locals or something on here who can give me a little insight on the schools. I have never lived in any other states and I don't know any of the smaller schools in those areas, so feel free to post suggestions. Here they are:

U of Wisconsin - Madison
U of Washington - Seattle
U of Oregon - Eugene
U of Colorado - Boulder
U of California - Santa Barbara
Arizona State
San Diego State
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