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Originally Posted by slyder View Post
Ok I'm gonna chime in don't flame me.
I've been a driver for UPS for 23 years. Depending on the route/area each driver handles on average 600 pkgs a day delivery/pick-up.

Most of us have very good people skills and are willing to have a person inspect a package if they ask. If it is a residence we make our best judgment to see if the box "only" is damaged. If I can "clean" up the box I will. My rule is if your item is fine and your aren't home I write on the box "item inspected OK" time permitting, again.

UPS rules have us knock or ring and run. This is to help keep our costs down and YES they are increasing our production drastically. More work in less time, just like every other company out there, run lean.
Signatures are only required in certain situations. Again to keep costs down.
We are also supposed to place your package out of sight out of weather to ensure no theft or damage from weather.

Just like every company we have some very bad employees. Lack of concern, poor communication skills, tempers, drinking issues, you name it I've seen it come/go. Again MOST of us still take pride in our work and take care of our customers.

Hope this helps clarify some issues.
With all due respect, not saying YOU do this, but I have specifically watched with my own eyes UPS drivers/employees do fucked up shit. My uncle works in management at a Distribution Center for UPS, and I've been in the warehouse and loading docks, they don't take care of the packages. It's all about time, the sooner they finish, the less work they have over piled. As a result they don't pay attention to how much care a package needs, it goes into the truck as fast as necessary, sometimes being a toss if needed.

Onto the drivers. I live in a condo community, so we all have a wood gate blocking our front doors. Most people put locks on them because they have personal things out on the patio. I've watched the assholes look around, and just pizza toss the boxes over the gate. Guy almost shit himself when I called him out and told him I was calling his supervisor. The dumbasses have left packages on top of my also locked patio gate, where I have two large dogs that have gotten to the boxes, once or twice containing gifts. I guess I might understand the times we weren't home, but there have been times we were home with the garage open, and they didn't even bother to see if we were home, and still left them in the middle of plain sight for my dogs to easily grab them. There's even a post for the awning support you coulda hid it behind, but choose the middle of the gate. Dick moves

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