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Originally Posted by hktrdr View Post
All good boards but none really the first choice for what you are describing.

TRS is probably closest, but might be a touch wide - but 159 (assuming you get your weight under control) might just work for you at 25.3.

Cobra could also be ok but would be more limiting if you are planning to ride switch.

Billy Goat not the right board for the described riding - it is much more of a big mountain charging board. It will work ok on the groomers but is too stiff and plankish to be much fun there.

Of the other boards, the Bataleon Goliath is not a bad choice.
The Jam is way too much board again (like the Billy Goat). Have not ridden the BSOD but assume the same applies.

To be honest, the SL is pretty damn good board for your type of riding. The Proto would be good, too.
Thanks for the honest input that's what I was looking for. I was afraid the Gnu might be too stiff for what I'm looking at in a board, but the waist width was attractive. I'd love to do the type of riding its truly meant for, but I'm just not there yet.

They did just update the SL for the 12-13 lineup... hmm, haha. Decisions Decisions. So then it would be roughly down to Cobra (I rarely ride switch unless I'm getting myself out of a jam, and a little more sometimes in the trees), the TRS, the Goliath or the updated SL.

Controlling my weight won't be a problem. I'm the opposite of most people, I work on call and outside so in the summer when I'm not working I'm lethargic as balls. It gets a wee bit hot down here. In the fall/winter months I'm much more active and drop 10 lbs like nothing, with effort 15-20 won't be a problem, I used to cut weight all the time.

So I'm guessing with those, the Cobra is probably the stiffest, and the other 3 are pretty close and more of a which graphic do I like better type of thing. The one thing I didn't like about my SL was that it seemed like it could be a bit soft for when I wanted to absolutely haul ass. Then again I was around 190 when I rode it last season. So if I could drop to 180-185 that might not be such an issue at that length.
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